"All I can do is be me, whoever that is." -Bob Dylan

My name is Tom. I'm a kid from Indiana with a knack for making waves wherever I go. These are pieces of me.


She’s as pretty as a picture. Every bit as funny as she is smart. Got a smile that’ll hold you together, and a touch that’ll tear you apart. When she’s yours she brings the sunshine. When she’s gone the world goes dark. Yeah, she’s heaven on the eyes, but boy she’s hell on the heart.

Eric Church

I wanna tell you there’s a really good reason why I came home wasted in the middle of the night. A tiny kingdom at the bottom of the trees where I was always a winner and I was usually right.

Tokyo Police Club

In one of my poli sci classes the other day

A kid asked who French President Nikolas Sarkozy was married to b/c she looked “super hot.” 

I answered with former supermodel Carla Bruni.

Then I told him she’s a phenomenal singer

With a magnificent voice.

I’m pretty sure the group of guys who were sitting near me

Took away my man card. 

No worries.

I have a way of outgaying a lot of my gay friends. 

This song is so amazing. So calming. “When you feel embarrassed, I’ll be your pride. When you need directions, I’ll be your guide.”

Musical Alterations

It’s intriguing how music can be a timeline through our lives. We listen to certain artists and songs during specific times as we age. Then, as we grow, our tastes change on multiple occasions.

However, what we don’t realize until later is when we stumble across older music of ours, the old memories and feelings can come flooding right back. Thoughts that haven’t passed through in what seems like eons. Possibly the admiration for an old beau, the bitterness towards a tragic event, or the elation we felt when spending time with old friends during our younger years. 

It has a way of putting things in perspective. We can learn from these previous experiences, and utilize them to our advantage. Other times it’s just a nice way to reminisce on the good times, and put out the bad ones. A reminder that life isn’t all bad but rather enjoyable, in fact.