"All I can do is be me, whoever that is." -Bob Dylan

My name is Tom. I'm a kid from Indiana with a knack for making waves wherever I go. These are pieces of me.


Time is never time at all. You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth, and our lives are forever changed. We will never be the same. The more you change the less you feel.

Smashing Pumpkins

I don’t remember. Were we wild and young? All that’s faded into memory.
I feel like somebody I don’t know. Are we really who we used to be? Am I really who I was?

Ryan Adams

"Turn me back into the kid I was when we first met. I was happier then with no mindset."

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized yourself?

It’s strange

Bizarre, really

I had this experience for the first time about 30 minutes ago

I wasn’t sure if was the lack of shaving for the past couple days

Maybe the longer, bed head ridden hair

It could not have been my pjs

I mean, those have remained constant over the past couple years

No, it was my eyes

They are the windows to the soul, after all

I’m not the same person I remember

Not as naive

It’s not as easy to love others

Or willing to let just anyone into my heart

It has to be for the better


Why else do people change?

Musical Alterations

It’s intriguing how music can be a timeline through our lives. We listen to certain artists and songs during specific times as we age. Then, as we grow, our tastes change on multiple occasions.

However, what we don’t realize until later is when we stumble across older music of ours, the old memories and feelings can come flooding right back. Thoughts that haven’t passed through in what seems like eons. Possibly the admiration for an old beau, the bitterness towards a tragic event, or the elation we felt when spending time with old friends during our younger years. 

It has a way of putting things in perspective. We can learn from these previous experiences, and utilize them to our advantage. Other times it’s just a nice way to reminisce on the good times, and put out the bad ones. A reminder that life isn’t all bad but rather enjoyable, in fact.